Abstract Pastel Paintings


Abstract Acrylic and Monoprint Collage Paintings

Abstract Art

  • Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent reality. It is characterized by a reduction of real appearances into simplified forms. The artist determines what is being abstracted and to what degree.  It may be based on a subject, but may not have a recognizable subject. Some artists make the distinction between abstract and nonobjective art.
  • Nonobjective art does not depend on the appearance of visual reality as a starting point. It may have no visual reference or source at all in visual reality. It’s subject does not have to be about anything other than the elements of art such as shape, line, marks, texture, color, value and contrast.
  • Color, line, value, contrast, form and texture can simply become the subject of a painting.
  • It can be figurative simplifications of reality with no detail or recognizable objects.

  • It can be more fluid such as the paintings created by Jackson Pollock

  • It can represent things like emotions, sound or experience.

  • It should hold the viewers attention and generate an emotional response.

  • One theory is that the art should be purely about the creation of beautiful effects.